Bought a Single Family home in Uptown, New Orleans, LA.

I used to joke with Melissa that I was going to buy her a t-shirt with the logo “SuperAgent” printed on the front. The thing is – it really wasn’t a joke. Melissa is truly a “SuperAgent.”

We looked at several properties over a few months. She did her research on every single property, she
immediately had an answer for many questions I had about any of the properties, and the questions she didn’t immediately have an answer for – a few clicks of her phone, a phone call here or there, and the answer was provided. On the occasion that I had misgivings about a certain property, Melissa was honest and direct, and didn’t try to sugar coat any flaws just for the sake of a sale.

Melissa was also very knowledgeable about the financials involved in purchasing a home, and in that regard – she again provided answers quickly.

Melissa was endlessly patient with me throughout the entire process, and was quick to reply to any form of communication sent her way – be it phone call, email, or text. Being a first-time home buyer, I was of course nervous – but Melissa was a wonderful balm to my nerves as she has a very calming, steady nature about her.

And that wonderful support she gave me during the buying process didn’t end at closing. I had a repair issue come up soon after closing, and the first person I reached out to for advice/help was Melissa – and, as always, she was there for me.

Melissa made the entire nerve-wracking first-time home buying experience as smooth and as worry-free as possible. It was a joy spending time with her, and I feel as if I’ve made a life-long friend. Anyone would be extremely fortunate to have this SuperAgent handle their sale/purchase.